OCRE IaaS+ Tender Closed

OCRE published its OCRE IaaS+ Tender in the Official Journal of the EU on 16 April 2020. Interested bidders were invited to respond before the deadline of 23 June, 2020, 11.00 CEST

The estimated total value is €600 million and is executed by OCRE's coordinator, GEANT. The tender is conducted through an open procedure and is divided in 40 lots. Each lot represents one country. Per lot, a number of frameworks can be awarded.

Following the publication of the OCRE IaaS+ Tender, OCRE will then publish the OCRE Tender for digital Earth observation services. 

Estimated value per lot vary be significantly. See the Tender Document for more details!

OCRE Tenders

At present, OCRE envisions the publication of at least two tenders, one for IaaS+ services and another for digital Earth Observation services. The tenders are executed by GEANT as the coordinator of the OCRE project. Interested service providers will be informed of the publication of the tender via email sent to the OCRE community network and its social channels such as LinkedIn

The tenders will be conducted in accordance with the 2014/24/EU procurement directive and will result in framework agreements with all suppliers who qualify (a portfolio of services). The framework agreements will be valid for four years up until 2024 and will be signed by GÉANT. This ensures availability beyond the OCRE project duration.

The providers selected in the tenders will become an integral part of the service catalogue of the European Open Science Cloud, envisioned to be a single marketplace for digital services for all European researchers.

Additionally, providers will be connected to the GÉANT data network and the community’s single sign-on (SSO) systems, bringing them into the heart of the research community’s ICT ecosystem.

Tender developments

OCRE will engage with both users and suppliers to keep all stakeholders informed of the latest developments. Take a look at some of the activities that led up to the publication of the tender:

See the OCRE IaaS+ Tender Document now!