July 30,2019


Earlier this week, cloud service providers that are part of the OCRE Community Network have been notified about the process to access the "draft tender" for commodity cloud services in preparation for the official publication of the tender in October this year.

Officially called the "Prior Information Notice" (PIN), cloud service providers have been asked to register their interest in gaining access to the high level requirements found in the tender. Note that this PIN only includes commodity cloud services and not digital Earth Observation services, for which a separate tender will be prepared. 

GÉANT, as the coordinator of OCRE is coordinating this process. Additionally, the PIN will be advertised officially on the Official Journal of the European Union to ensure transparency so that all potential providers may respond.
The PIN will be available from 1 August 2019. 

If you are a cloud service provider that's part of our network and you haven't received our invitation to register to be able to access the PIN, or if you have any issues registering, contact us at info [at] ocre-project.eu.