August 20,2019


Less than a month is left for individual institutions to enlist themselves to use in-demand future commercial cloud and Earth Observation (EO) services for research resulting from the OCRE Tender, and to potentially benefit from adoption funding.

Institutions of higher education, research, primary and secondary education, libraries and academic hospitals in the EU and EEA are invited make an expression of interest to be included in the OCRE Tender to start the process and ensure their organisation doesn't miss out. Deadline for submitting expressions of interest is 12 September 2019, 18:00 CEST

Note that inclusion in the OCRE tender does not constitute any type of formal commitment for institutions to purchase services. It is simply an expression of interest. i.e., it is not mandatory to consume the tender outcomes.  

The tender will launch in October 2019, with service agreements available in Q1 2020. These agreements are valid for a period of four years, until Q1 2024.

Institutions participating in the tender can thus order services via these ready to use agreements in this timeframe. In parallel, the EC adoption funds will be made available by OCRE in the 2020 – 2021 timeframe to stimulate usage.  

Express interest now and include your institution in the beneficiaries of the adoption funding and as an eligible user of these services directly.