May 25,2022


The consumption of commercial cloud in European research doubled in 2021 from the previous year thanks to the OCRE Cloud Framework. 

The recent OCRE Procurement and Funding Updates webinar included an overview of the cloud consumption through the OCRE Cloud Framework presented by Jakob Tendel (OCRE, DFN). 2020 saw €20 million in consumption, which more than doubled in 2021 with €47 million consumed. Of this €47 million, €32 million was consumed through the OCRE Cloud Framework. This huge increase in the use of commercial cloud for research is a real testament to the impact of the OCRE project on the European research ecosystem.

The OCRE Framework eases access to the best cloud platforms by eliminating the requirement of an institutional tender. On top of this, research institutions receive significant discounts and favourable terms and conditions. Adding to this the GÉANT Contract Management support, it is easy to understand why so many institutions have decided to procure their cloud through OCRE.

OCRE’s mission to accelerate cloud adoption in the European research community is already a success, with the project still running for another 7 months. In its remaining time, the project will distribute further adoption funding and write compelling use cases to show the positive impact of commercial cloud services on research leading to better and faster research outcomes.

You can watch the webinar on demand here