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Description and Scope

Do you want to learn about the latest OCRE Project developments, including our Earth Observation catalogue, the funding distribution opportunities and the OCRE Cloud Framework for commercial cloud procurement services? Then this event provides relevant information for you!

The EU-funded OCRE project has hosted a webinar on April 14th to provide an update on the status of the European Commission project, and to describe a significant opportunity for research projects who wish to consume funded cloud based digital services in support of their research activities and outcomes.

The final adoption funding call, due to be published in late April, requires that researchers collaborate with local OCRE suppliers of commercial cloud services on compelling proposals. The OCRE project encourages research institutes to identify participating suppliers using the OCRE cloud catalogue , and to reach out to those most likely to suit their individual needs with details of eligible projects.



  • Welcome and general project update, David Heyns, GEANT
  • Launch of the EO catalogueRob Carrillo,Trust-IT
  • Test suite updates and insights, Ignacio Peluaga Lozada, CERN
  • A general overview of the usage of the Framework and Cloud catalogue, Jakob Tendel, DFN
  • New Call of EC funding with OCRE Framework, David Heyns, GEANT
  • OCRE Cloud experiences: a discussion with Michel Wets, SURF, &  Andy Powel, JISC
  • Q&A and conclusionmoderated by Trust-IT


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