August 24,2022


OCRE has published a Success Story which tells how Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) are using OCRE funded commercial cloud services to generate a consistent, homogeneous, and up to date vertical ozone profile data set.

The project is using new raw spectral data made available at the end of 2020, which covers the period of 2007-2018, to create a new consistent and homogeneous ozone profile dataset. This is a very computationally heavy process, and involves processing hundreds of terabytes of data. This level of processing cannot be completed using the resources that KNMI has onsite, but with commercial cloud, they have the ability to access infrastructure as a service (IaaS), giving them the computer resources necessary, not only to complete the task, but complete it in a timely manner due to the scalability of cloud.

OCRE Cloud Funding has helped KNMI to get the ozone profile reprocessing done faster so that the data could become available to downstream scientists sooner. This dataset is relevant for international studies, such as the WMO 4-yearly Ozone Assessment report and the Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report.

Read the full story here