March 05,2019


Suppliers of cloud or Earth Observation services will be gathering at the OCRE-Suppliers Face-to-Face Meeting, taking place on 12 March 2019 at the SURF Utrecht premises in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The OCRE team will present its delivery approach and tender and suppliers of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and Earth Observation tools and services are invited to give input.

Suppliers can take this opportunity to get an overview of the market for cloud services for the research community and find out how OCRE can help your company tackle the opportunity-rich research and innovation market. At the same time, smaller providers can also establish relationships with other suppliers and discuss ways to respond to the tender as a group to provide services at scale needed by the research community. 

The Suppliers Face-to-Face Meeting is one of the key engagement activities of the project. As OCRE is currently in the requirements gathering phase, the suppliers meeting will be an opportunity to consult suppliers and allow them to provide input to the future tender that OCRE will launch this October 2019.

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