March 12,2019


Almost 30 representatives from over 20 cloud and earth observation were gathered in OCRE's Supplier Face-to-Face event in Utrecht, The Netherlands today, 12 March 2019 to explore opportunities to offer commodity cloud services and earth observation services to researchers through OCRE. 

The event gathered representatives from some of the largest and most well known cloud providers internationally as well as small and medium scale organisations - all interested to understand the opportunities provided by the Open Clouds for Research Environments project (OCRE) as well as the European Open Science Cloud. (Check out the slides on the main event page.)

Until recently, publicly funded research has found it difficult to take advantage of the innovative cloud-based services due many procedural barriers as well as a lack of service offerings that directly answered specific technical needs of researchers. 

Through OCRE, the suppliers will be able to reach more than 10,000 research institutions by answering the tender, reducing the barriers for commercial providers in empowering researchers.

The event was an important opportunity to also gather input from suppliers for the upcoming tender. While the tender will be shaped mostly by input from researchers, input from suppliers will also be considered. 

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