Rhea group

RHEA has a broad range of Earth Observation expertise and provides support to ESA in several areas, including exploitation platforms. RHEA also provides a technical platform in HNSciCloud for multi-cloud management, including voucher support, providing uniform authentication via eduGAIN and ELXIR AAI.


CERN has acted as driving force for the Helix Nebula initiative and Helix Nebula – The Science Cloud (HNSciCloud) projects, where it has pioneered and developed a hybrid cloud platform for science in multiple domains, that links together commercial cloud service providers and 10 research organisations across Europe, revolutionising the procurement process within CERN in the role of lead procurer and aggregator of demand across multiple public organisations.


GÉANT offers a service catalogue, with a range of brokered public cloud services from commercial suppliers and community cloud offerings from e-infrastructure organisations and NRENs. GÉANT facilitates its NREN members and their 10.000 institutions and 50 million users to adopt these services. GÉANT provides federated authentication (single sign-on) through eduGAIN, and the AARC2 project connects service providers to this ecosystem. Service providers can also connect to the high-speed GÉANT network infrastructure.

Trust-IT Services

Trust-IT builds active communities through online campaigns and face-to-face sessions This is combined with research and business strategy efforts to create viable ICT ecosystems. Trust-IT specialises in fostering information exchange between a wide range of stakeholders and has a vast network of contact points.