MREN - Montenegro

Montenegrin Research and Education Network (MREN) is the name given to the collection of all networking services and facilities, which support the communication and information requirements of the education and research community in Montenegro. MREN aims to create, promote, offer, participate in and preserve the requisite bases for effective use of modern telecommunication technologies in the education and research in Montenegro. The main mission is to connect MREN to GEANT- multi-gigabit pan-European data communications network, reserved specifically for research and education use, via fiber optic with high speed. Academic network of the University of Montenegro is connected with the European Academic Network (GÉANT) since October 1st 2010. Capacity of the link is significantly increased comparing to previous connection. We expect that users of the Academic network of the UoM, besides the increased capacity of the link, will take the opportunity and use many advantages that connection with other national research and education European networks offers. During the course of project realization, Information Technology Center will make efforts to identify the needs of UoM academic network users and introduce new services that are developed within GÉANT projects.