IUCC - Israel

IUCC (Hebrew: מחב”א‎, MACHBA), is a non-profit organization established by Israel’s research universities. IUCC delivers communication and network infrastructure services, digital information services, learning technologies, information systems and applications. This creates economies of scale that translate into financial savings, efficiency, reducing administrative costs, simplifying bureaucratic processes, streamlining infrastructures construction processes, deployment of good practices and more. IUCC collaborates with numerous international bodies. IUCC is a member of GÉANT, the ultra-fast and reliable pan-European communications infrastructure serving all of Europe’s research and education community. IUCC is also a member of PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), a European advanced computing partnership that enables high-performance computing through global resources for Israeli researchers. IUCC implements, maintains and maintains the National Network for Research and Education (NREN) of Israel, and provides services through computer centers and learning technology centers in universities to thousands of members of academic faculties, students and researchers in Israel.