KIFÜ - Hungary

In recent years, KIFÜ has played a key role in the implementation of nearly 50 national infocommunication projects. It is currently involved in the implementation of 60 projects and the preparation of 10 projects - the total value of which exceeds HUF 400 billion. Within this, in order to achieve the project goals in a cost-effective way, the KIFÜ also carries out independent quality assurance in about 35 priority IT and organizational development projects implemented with a total of HUF 187 billion in support. KIFÜ is implementing Hungary's largest broadband infrastructure development program to date, the Superfast Internet Program (SZIP), the aim of which is to have access to the superfast Internet for all Hungarian families, businesses and public institutions by the end of 2018. In 2018, KIFÜ was given another big task: along the principles set out in the Digital Education Strategy, it will modernize network access in thousands of schools within the framework of the Student Network Program, providing WiFi access for students and teachers. With more than three hundred colleagues, we pay close attention to sharing our experiences and knowledge. Through our activities and operations, we strive to serve the digitization of Hungary and the digital transformation of Hungary.