DFN - Germany

Science itself organized the German National Research and Education Network, DFN, the communications network for Science and research in Germany. It connects universities and research institutions with one another and has become an integral part of  the European and worldwide community of research and education networks. In addition, through several high-performance peering points, DFN is connected with the common Internet. DFN offers its users a multitude of customized applications for communication. It is constantly being enhanced by new and innovative applications which are developed and tested in projects and piloting ventures. DFN provides further training to its users conducting conferences and workshops. Moreover, there are contacts in various competence centres available to provide advice and support with important questions concerning the use of the services. The association to promote a German education and research network, DFN-Verein, organizes DFN and guarantees its further development and use. DFN-Verein is an acknowledged non-profit association.