CESNET - Czech Republic

CESNET is an association of universities of the Czech Republic and the Czech Academy of Sciences. It operates and develops the national e-infrastructure for science, research and education which encompasses a computer network, computational grids, data storage and collaborative environment. It offers a rich set of services to connected organisations. Its goals are to perform independently a fundamental, industrial research and experimental development in the field of information and communication technologies and their applications and to disseminate the results of these activities through all available means, including the transfer of technologies, to build, to develop and, in a long-lasting manner, to administer the CESNET research infrastructure and to support the development, adoption and use of top communication and information technologies, and to support, for the coverage of related costs, the dissemination of education, culture and knowledge, the co-operation of members with private/enterpreneurial sector, the spreading of applications of the most modern information technologies and improvements of the quality of the CESNET research infrastructure by acquiring new participants, information resources and services.