November 03,2021


Participate now in a survey before the 16 November deadline to help EOSC Future understand any gaps in available commercial services for European research. 

Commercial digital services are expected to play an important role in the European Open Science Cloud's sustainability while also ensuring that EOSC's service offerings are relevant, varied and competitive. OCRE has made a significant contribution to this with its portfolio of IaaS+ services in the OCRE Cloud Catalogue available to more than 10,000 research institutions.  

Access – to data, interoperable resources, outputs – is a key pillar of the EOSC Future project. This entails making sure researchers have access to a robust collection of commercial digital services through EOSC. Researchers from all disciplines are invited to provide information on the different commercial services and datasets they use in their projects and activities.

The goal of the survey is to ensure that EOSC commercial services and datasets are not only accessible but also refined to meet the changing needs of Europe’s research communities.