May 21,2021


With the OCRE IaaS+ framework catalogued and operational, the project is excited to focus on driving the adoption of these services. 

Cloud services can already be procured through the OCRE Cloud Catalogue.

The OCRE Project funding team is currently engaged in pre-procurement activities with each of the 15 research projects awarded funding in the first open call for cloud services, as well as the 6 projects awarded digital services focused on Earth Observations (EO). 

OCRE has been given the green light to procure on behalf of the first 4 of these projects and is awaiting imminent feedback from local tax authorities in support of the publication of the Dynamic Procurement System for Earth Observations services. This support will allow the team to move forward with all procurements relating to the first open calls.

Suppliers of EO services will have time to register for participation on the DPS before being invited to tender services in support of the relevant research projects, and the timing of this registration will be communicated via all project channels and published in TED.

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