March 04,2022


GÉANT, the OCRE project coordinator, has recently supported HEAnet in the preparation of a GDPR Transfer Guide for National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) on the 2020 IaaS+ Framework. This document provides concrete guidance to European NRENs and connected institutions that are seeking to use – or actively using – the Framework. The guide addresses the most common questions about personal data processing and international transfers that organisations should consider in order to select the OCRE cloud providers that best meet their requirements. Indeed, although all suppliers selected via the OCRE project tender are bound by GDPR, further aspects may need to be evaluated. These are detailed in the Data Transfer Checklist provided in the guide and include issues like potential transfer of data  to countries where there is no adequacy decision in place. The guide supports risk assessment and privacy protection activities. 

Further general advice on the use of the 2020 IaaS+ Framework Agreement can be found in the 2020 IaaS+ Framework Agreement Cookbook compiled by the GÉANT cloud team

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