Will your research benefit from taking a good look at our planet? 

Earth Observation data is improving research across many disciplines and could significantly influence the intelligence available to your projects.

Through its Earth Observation services adoption calls OCRE aims to;

  • Stimulate the use of specialised Earth Observation Services aiding the use of Earth Observation data in research, in particular, usage of the data generated by the Copernicus programme.
  • Demonstrate that the use of such services can have a tangible positive impact on research execution and/or outcomes (showcases).
  • Contribute to the development of the nascent market of Earth Observation service suppliers.


How can this opportunity benefit your project?

The OCRE Project call for EO funding for researchers provides two different funding types;

  • Funding for individual institutes to submit proposals for research projects that would benefit by consuming Earth Observations services. OCRE will fund these services which would be supplied by providers on the OCRE procurements.
  • Co-funding for institutional research projects referred by national/multi-national research agencies, in order to provide further support for these projects in terms of Earth Observations services co-funded (50%) by OCRE.


OCRE will also fund commodity cloud services directly related to the consumption of these Earth Observations services.

The OCRE project has published its new call for funding for Earth Observation services, which is scheduled to close on July 10th, 2022.

We encourage the research community to respond with proposals for projects that could greatly benefit from the consumption of these services. Today, researchers across all science disciplines are consuming the Copernicus Earth Observation data from an emerging market of suppliers who are quickly adding context and value to the data and providing bespoke digital services to researchers. OCRE will provide funded services from its catalogue of Earth Observation suppliers to the value of €200,000 (minimum ask is €100,000) to projects awarded, based on their relevance and ability to demonstrate the impact of these services on research activities and outcomes.

Proposals will be guided by means of an online form here.   

Examples of OCRE Earth Observation suppliers


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