Introducing CloudSigma

CloudSigma was selected as a partner for the initial phase of the OCRE project – the voucher program. CloudSigma is one of the most customisable cloud providers on the market. Its focus is on open design and flexibility with regards to computing deployments. The cloud platform provides an environment with the same degrees of freedom that private in-house environments are able to offer. Moreover, all functionality is available via an API or the end-user WebApp.


CloudSigma Features

Customers are able to provision processing, storage, networks and other computing resources in an unbundled way. This means that CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth can be purchased and combined independently to allow the best combination of cloud resources without the limitation of fixed server sizes. Therefore, any combination of CPU and RAM can be achieved along with multiple drives mounted to a server and multiple networking interfaces. Each resource is billed separately and transparently as either a subscription or as pay-as-you-go in 5-minute billing segments. Consequently, users are able to track exactly how much their cloud servers cost over time.


How to Obtain Vouchers

As part of OCRE's goal to drive adoption of cloud services in European research, OCRE, through its partners distributed vouchers to individual researchers.

How to Activate Vouchers

To activate your voucher code and convert the voucher credits into cloud resources, please visit the OCRE CloudSigma voucher page. Next, it will ask you to follow the electronic signature procedure to accept the conditions of use for participating in the OCRE voucher program as well as for accepting and signing the waiver of GÉANT’s liability for the service. After that, you need to fill in you and your organization’s details as well as to select a location. CloudSigma offers its services from several locations in Europe. For the purposes of the OCRE project, researchers have the choice between locations in Zurich, Geneva or Frankfurt. Hence, the users will have the choice between an EU-based or a Swiss-based location. There is no difference between the services of the different locations. Further, all locations are GDPR compliant.

How to get support from CloudSigma

Once you redeem your voucher code, it will go through an internal verification procedure and you will be provisioned with a cloud account. Then, will assign you a dedicated account manager. The responsibility of account managers is to fully assist you with your inquiries as well as with demo presentations of the platform. One demo presentation takes about 30 minutes. It can be easily requested by contacting CloudSigma at, or by using the “request a demo” page:

Useful Information Resources

  • Online materials in the form of video tutorials
  • Online materials in the form of ‘how-to’ technical guides
  • Free 24/7 technical support via online chat or ticketing (email system). Note that it typically takes 15 seconds for a support agent to answer a question in the online chat.


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