16 June 2022 - 09:00 to 10:30

Trieste, Italy & Online

The OCRE project ran a very large-scale framework tender in 40 countries. This required managing a large European Tender process which resulted in 474 framework contracts for a large variety of Cloud Platforms across 40 NRENs. The process was very complex to manage but granted a series of lessons learnt.

Monique Pellinkhof, Procurement Specialist at GEANT will present at the session together with Mr Gavan McFeely from HEAnet, covering the following points:

-managing a tender that receives almost 1100 bids
-having the frameworks signed
-working with these frameworks

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Who should attend

The session is open to all, but the following are highly encouraged to attend:

  • University or research institution ICT or procurement team members involved in managing large tender processes
  • NREN representatives interested in learning about the benefits of framework contracts
  • Procurement professionals or enthusiasts and EOSC community members curious about replicating the OCRE methodology and business models


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