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SkyGeo is a next generation Earth Observation company.

Our global data feed starts on a satellite and provides millimetre-accurate displacement data to customers all over the world. Our Antares processing engine and our InSAR-based displacement data feed is designed to help our users manage their assets for the long term. Radar satellites started recording in 1992. Since then the number of satellites and the resolution of the images have increased dramatically. We have built a processing engine and visualization platform to scale insights with this investment in imagery.

Over the years we have also built a data archive of dynamic shape changes of most types of infrastructure. Our users access that library to gain insights in the problems affecting their infrastructure. By comparing shape changes against this library, we provide early warnings for prevention of environmental disasters. We started SkyGeo with the goal to apply the InSAR technique to dike and dam stability problems. Over the years, we gradually expanded our working field to other industries with large scale assets that are prone to slow failure modes.

We are actively developing products to help more asset managers apply remote sensing data to their displacement-related problems and optimize on-site inspection. By working with thousands of users on hundreds of real asset stability problems, we have built up a library of unique insights. How to process, how to validate, how to visualize and how to interpret. Each problem is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach is never the correct approach to deploying InSAR. SkyGeo is scaling trust in InSAR data.

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