Sentinel Hub

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Sentinel Hub is an award-winning platform, which is able to process, in near-real-time, petabytes of satellite imagery data and distribute it as an analysis ready data (ARD) as required for a specific use-case (reflectance, indices, visualisation, statistical time-series, machine-learning features, etc.). It provides immediate access to more than 50 PB of data including complete archives of Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, Sentinel-5p, Landsat Collection 2, various commercial providers as well as several derived products resulting from Copernicus Services. Regardless of the vast amount of data, Sentinel Hub can query it for specific criteria and distribute it over proprietary APIs or OGC standard services in a matter of seconds. There are also machine-learning focused large processing utilities available, which can process global regions over a few hours and deliver it as harmonised, cloudless, gap-filled features or statistical time-series.  

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