Rheticus® Safeland

Data Analytics


Rheticus® Safeland is a turnkey web-based vertical solution for the continuous monitoring and reporting on the stability of territory. The service gives a level of concern to each portion of a territory, based on trends and anomalies of surface displacement measured through satellite RADAR interferometry.  

The service offers a synoptic point-of-view of the territory by providing constantly updated information on the levels of concern, highlighting stable areas from those affected by slow-moving landslides and/or subsidence, working as a complementary diagnostic tool together with in-situ monitoring activities. 

Rheticus® Safeland gives access to dynamic maps, reports, and alerts, allowing customers to easily detect areas with a high level of concern, prevent potential damage, better organize field inspections, and achieve cost-effective management of the territory. The service provides the proper knowledge to support planners to avoid critical issues deriving from not full pictures of in progress phenomena. 

Rheticus® Safeland is useful to:

  • Simplify the land stability assessment process.
  • Monitor wide areas and follow their evolution over time;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions carried out in unstable areas
  • Proactively avoid critical issues that arise when in-progress phenomena are not fully understood.


The service can be integrated with other Rheticus® services: Rheticus® Displacement, Rheticus® Safeway, Rheticus® Building Check, Rheticus® Network Alert, Rheticus® Wildfires.

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