Mundi Web Services

Data Analytics,
EO Data Processing,
Interactive Algorithm Development,
User Algorithm Hosting,
Value Added Products


Mundi is one of the leading Copernicus DIAS platforms available since 2018. Mundi integrates a large range of Earth Observation and non EO data. The collection is regularly enriched to offer all material to build and operate your service. Users can find free and licensed products according to their needs. Mundi is based on T-Systems' Open Telekom Cloud for a high quality and scalable service to host users algorithms and applications and process EO data on-demand. The Open Telekom Cloud provides a wide range of platform tools including AI and HPC frameworks an infrastructure options with virtual, dedicated and bare metal servers with CPU and GPU processors.

Potential funding opportunity

All European and national funding programmes that fund EO services can be used to fund the services.

Users may also apply to T-Systems for direct funding options. Open Telekom Cloud is a qualified OCRE service provider.

EO Service provider

T-Systems International GmbH