Geohazards Exploitation Platform

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The Geohazards Exploitation Platform supports the exploitation of satellite Earth Observations for geohazards with primary focus on mapping hazard prone land surfaces and monitoring terrain deformation. 

The Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) processing services include basic services providing full resolution imagery and change detection imagery for rapid online visualization and advanced services both for Optical & SAR data processing. The advanced services include Classic InSAR diachronic analysis, Advanced InSAR for Persistent Scatterers and Small Baseline time series, Digital surface model generation from satellite optical stereo images and Detection and measurement of horizontal ground motion from Optical imagery. 

To exploit the geo-information generated, the Platform leverages Jupyter Notebooks and open APIs for the interactive processing and post-processing services and enables users to exploit and share the processing results. The Data Processing Services can be consumed in a pay-per-use or subscription model.

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