Forestry TEP

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Interactive Algorithm Development,
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Forestry TEP is an online solution for researchers, businesses, and public entities to efficiently apply satellite data for value-adding forest analysis and monitoring purposes. The browser-based environment facilitates improved forest management while ensuring sustainability and carbon sequestration. A key aspect of Forestry TEP is the capability it offers for users to create new services on the platform and to optionally share them.

Forestry TEP offers a range of capabilities:

  • Processing Services and Tools: Forestry TEP enables online value-adding of the optical and radar satellite data available on the platform or any data uploaded by the user. A range of processing services is available, primarily targeted for remote sensing and GIS experts operating in the forestry domain. Parallel execution of the services is supported, and systematic processing of new data can be set up. Popular open-source software tools can also be accessed directly on the platform via the web browser, exposing their native graphical user interfaces.


  • Development Environment: The Developer interface on the platform provides flexible options for creation of new processing services, based on user’s own or external algorithms. The developers can use any programming languages and libraries available on Linux, such as SNAP or GDAL. Setting up a local development environment or algorithm packaging is not needed. Basic understanding of Docker and Linux environment will be helpful to the developer.


  • Service Hosting: Users can create and host their own processing services on the platform, enabled via the online Development Environment. The created services can be used privately, but they can also be shared to a select group of colleagues or customers. For the widest applicability, the new services can be made publicly available to all, with a case-by-case agreement concerning licensing.


  • Collaboration and Interfacing: The created output products can be downloaded or shared, or they can be used as input for another processor or tool, e.g., for visualization or further analytics. Apart from the web interface, all processing services on Forestry TEP can be accessed also from outside the platform, via the offered REST and Python APIs.


Forestry TEP is available on subscription basis in three variations, to support users with varying needs: Basic, Standard and Premium. Each option provides similar access to the full data catalogue and processing capability, as well as the development and hosting of user-created services and other features of the platform. The options vary in their selection of included processing services and the scale of processing activity and data storage. For specifications, please refer to Offering and Subscription on the Forestry TEP website

Potential funding opportunity

The European Space Agency (ESA) has set up the Network of Resources (NoR) to stimulate the uptake of platform services. Forestry TEP is an eligible service provider in the NoR: for research and pre-commercial uses, our users can apply for NoR sponsorship to cover for the costs of the platform use.

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