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EO Data Processing,
Interactive Algorithm Development,
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The EOxHub Workspace offering combines a Kubernetes-based execution runtime with (nearly) unlimited compute and storage resources, a streamlined API access to EO and derived data, and a curated toolset of data management and data analysis libraries and applications into a managed development, exploitation, and processing environment for both EO scientists and EO enthusiasts. Any algorithm which can be expressed with programming logic and packaged as Docker application may be run on the EOxHub Workspace offering.

Flexible consumption plans are available to handle customer-specific computational and storage resource needs. Integrated client libraries allow customers to find all important EO and derived data products with the connected API offerings. Curated base images provide the functionality to analyse an event or phenomena from different perspectives and to compare and correlate several variables at the same time. A managed JupyterLab offering allows customers to customize data pipelines with specific algorithms and processing logic. Contributions are backed by public git repositories, providing code transparency and auditability. Large-scale processing can be triggered in headless mode, leveraging the capabilities of the underlying Kubernetes platform for deployment, execution, and management. Customers can use the cloud infrastructure provider of their choice.

The integrated collaboration functionality with the Euro Data Cube marketplace allows to easily share algorithms, data pipelines and usage scenarios with other users. Sell your API Services and custom data contributed for use by your customers. Define license models for contributions either for a free or revenue-generating use. Let the marketplace service manage the administrative steps for you. Make revenues when customers subscribe to your contributions.

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