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EOxCloudless represents a cloud-free, preprocessed, mutispectral, global coverage of satellite imagery based on full resolution Sentinel-2 data.

EOxCloudless is exploitation-ready i.e. no more manual preselection of good scenes, no more unnecessary fetching of unusable datan and no more data stitching.

Endless sunshine, eternal summer - the Sentinel-2 cloudless layer combines trillions of pixels collected during differing weather conditions during a single year and merges them into a sunny homogeneous mosaic, almost free from satellite and atmospheric effects. Bottom of the atmosphere and Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution corrected (BRDF) data are used to create mosaics and improve the quality of the satellite mapsw, resulting in Less clouds and less striping effects.

EOxCloudless is offered in 2 varieties:

  • Viewing Products: prerendered full resolution Sentinel-2 cloudless as map cache or GeoTIFFs for web maps or desktop GIS tools.
  • Data Products: off-the-shelf multispectral mosaic data (8 or 16-bit GeoTIFF ) from Sentinel-2 or define a custom mosaic tailored for your needs for further analysis and processing.

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