EODC Cloud

EO Data Processing


You get virtual CPUs, RAM and Hybrid-SSD storage to build up your data service. You can launch ready-to-use VMs, choosing from several Linux based operating systems, having full control with an admin account. Your Virtual Machines in the EODC Cloud are connected to our EO Data Repository, which hosts a global Copernicus Sentinel Long Term Archive and other EO data products.

Our Multi-Petabyte scale EO Storage provides terabytes of storage space for hosting your own data. All our servers are located in Vienna, Austria. Off-premise backup is available upon request. Our team of EO experts offers help with custom set up and configuration of VMs, installation of software, backup configuration and more.

Potential funding opportunity

ESA Network of Ressources - https://nor-discover.cloudeo.group/
C-SCALE Project - https://c-scale.eu/
openEO Platform - https://openeo.cloud/

EO Service provider