Complete imagery processing platform to run ML models

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ForestRadar provides a complete imagery processing platform including smooth execution of ML models and fast delivery of the results. The platform includes all levels from data acquisition to processing any ML model and getting the results very fast without any constraints related to AoI, date, etc.

It includes:

  • Automated acquisition of satellite imagery or other types of source data (Level 1);
  • Data preparation for analysis (orbit&terrain correction, noise removal, georeferencing, cloud removal, etc.) (Level 2);
  • Execution of ML models where results are presented by separate image (no programming required for integrating your ML model with platform) (Level 3);
  • Mosaicking of results (data merge) to obtain algorithm/ML model results by day, moth, year without constraining the area of interest (Level 4);
  • Web publishing (services for daily operations) in format of Web service (XYZ/TMS + vector tiles) (Level 5).


Level 1-3 works on individual image level, but Level 4 – 5 on all country level.

The platform is flexible and can automatically process different kinds of satellite imagery, drone data, orthophoto, LIDAR data, and others.

EO Service provider

Baltic Satellite Service Ltd.