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Climate change affects most of economic, cultural and daily life and has a greater impact on fragile countries, infrastructure and populations. As a response, climate data and indicators are the key to monitor climate change and assess the impact and risk.

ClimateLynx is a knowledge management system for climate related data and information. A knowledge base, also called “second brain”, is a tool that supports creating relationships between data and information to help manage and exploit one’s knowledge. ClimateLynx offers both the access to a large variety of climate indicators based on (re-)analysis, short- and long-term projections, and high-resolution datasets retrieved from Earth Observation data. It renders an effective engine to create meaningful links among multi-disciplinary domains, above all, climate data and socio-economics.

Climatelynx allows accessing climate indicators through a graphical user interfaces (GUI), an application programming interfaces (API) and standardized protocols, e.g., OGC services. It allows retrieving the finest spatial and temporal resolution as well as aggregations over region or countries, for periods such as months, years or decades.

Moreover, ClimateLynx allows gathering, exploring and exploiting data relevant for climate change induced decision making. Our vision is to create a constantly growing and evolving climate change knowledge graph supporting decision and policy makers to contribute to the sustainable development of cities and help us moving closer to achieving current and future climate pledges, and eventually a more sustainable future for all. This is made possible through the provision of data from interdisciplinary domains such as socio-economy (e.g., WB , ADB) or health (e.g., WHO), in addition to climate data derived from Earth observation systems. The scope is to bring together these data and thus generate location and time relevant insight. This way, a holistic approach to strengthen resilience is fostered. When the data pools are fused and put into context, it is possible to generate connections and correlations between indicators of different domains. The combination and linkage of inter-domain specific indicators could help to better understand interdisciplinary climate change induced global dynamics and tail effects.

Moreover, non-obvious linkages between indicators or domains could be highlighted or even uncovered. With the help of such a climate knowledge portal, it could be possible to detect negative emerging climate trends in advance, based on the time series analysis of indicators and hence react adequately.

ClimateLynx is devoted to decision makers, urban planners as well as data experts. Urban planners can take advantage of ClimateLynx through comparing initiatives and developments with other cities of e.g., similar size, similar climatic conditions, or similar GDP. This enables for efficient planning and can support ideas and initiatives to create more livable and climate resilient cities. Likewise, data experts might be interested to explore the various data sets and create new connections through linking indicators from different domains (e.g., socio-economy, health, climate) and thus discovering location relevant specificities.

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