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The Advanced geospatial Data Management platform (ADAM) is a tool to access a large variety and volume of global environmental data. ADAM allows  extracting global as well as local data, from the past, current time, as well as short term forecast and long-term projections. Most of the data are updated daily to allow users having always the most recent data to play with. The complete and updated list of the available data can be found here.  

ADAM offers four main interfaces:

  • The Explorer, a web-based graphic user interface to allow users to explore, access, process and download data
  • The Application Processing Interfaces (APIs), that provide a python-library to directly access the ADAM data access and processing capabilities directly integrated in the user’s code and applications.
  • The Jupyter Notebook, a web-based processing environment to allow users to import, write and execute code that runs close to the data, exploiting the power and the APIs on a remote computation environment (no user resources are used). 
  • The QGIS Plugin, to allow QGIS users to benefit from the large ADAM data offer within their local projects


Moreover micro-services are provided for specific applications and machine-to-machine data exploitation purposes. Examples of usage can be found on the ADAM’s YouTube channel.

ADAM supports a large set of thematic applications: agriculture / forestry / vegetation, urban environment, atmospheric and marine applications, education, planetary sciences, public health, climate change, cultural heritage, infrastructure monitoring, security, data infrastructures.

Use ADAM for your specific project in a collaborative way – Stop worrying about data preparation and sharing during your project duration! In addition to existing data, ADAM offers you to upload owned data, perform processing, compare and download results.

Use ADAM for specific services – You are looking for a cost efficient and presentation effective way of handling geospatial environmental products from multiple sources? This is the right tool for you!

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