OCRE invites Earth Observation (EO) companies to be included in the upcoming OCRE EO Catalogue.

The OCRE EO Catalogue, similar to the OCRE Cloud Catalogue, is a key result of the OCRE project which aims to create a digital single market for EO and Cloud services for research in Europe. 

The first procurement activities where OCRE aims to source Earth Observation services and products will be in mid-January with further procurements foreseen in the coming first half of 2022. OCRE therefore highly encourages all Earth Observation companies within Europe to register and list their companies and offerings in the OCRE EO Catalogue as early as possible as the catalogue will be one of the main points of reference for OCRE EO procurements. If they are selected as providers, use cases will be developed showcasing their offering’s effectiveness. 

Companies listed in the OCRE catalogue can also benefit from visibility in the growing European Open Science Cloud environment and being more easily discoverable from university and research centers toward which the catalogue will be advertised.

What is the name of your service?
Please give a description of your service which can be published in our catalogue.
Please give the name of your company which is providing the service.
Please provide a link to the homepage of the company providing this service.
Please provide a list and any links to opportunities you know of where researchers can obtain funding to use your service.

General Conditions

The following general conditions apply to submitting to the OCRE EO Catalogue .

  • No rights can be derived from information from the OCRE EO Catalogue, nor submitting your company information on OCRE EO Catalogue. The OCRE project has no obligation towards interested and/or submitting parties.
  • By submitting your company information to the OCRE EO Catalogue, you declare that you unconditionally agree and meet all stated conditions on the OCRE EO Catalogue. By submitting you declare that you can provide the described services unconditionally. You also declare that all information you have provided is accurate and true.
  • The OCRE project reserves the right to withdraw your company information from the OCRE EO Catalogue. If  the OCRE project pauses the OCRE EO Catalogue or withdraws any information the OCRE project shall not be liable for any costs, neither direct nor indirect, for submission to this portal.
  • Any expenditure, costs, liability, work or effort undertaken or incurred by submitting to the OCRE EO Catalogue is a matter solely for the commercial judgement of the relevant party. The OCRE will not be liable to reimburse or compensate involved parties in any case, whether direct or indirect. By submitting to the OCRE EO Catalogue Parties state to have the knowledge and understanding that this is the case.